Pipe Leak Detection

Are you dealing with a burst or cracked water pipe in Covington, Loganville, Lawrenceville, Snellville, or Lilburn? Not sure where the problem is? Our team of highly-trained experts can perform a pipe leak detection service that will immediately identify the problem so you can explore repair services. Whether the issue is a water pipe, a gas pipe, or other concerns, we offer broken pipe repair that will get your property back into safe and efficient shape. We do free estimates so, you always have an idea of the cost before we start, and our pipe leak detection services are performed by our team of experts, not subcontractors.

Gas Pipe Repair

Broken gas pipes can be a scary thing for any home or business. At Supreme Plumbing, we offer gas pipe repair and burst pipe repair for this exact problem. If you have started to smell gas, or you’ve been informed that you have a gas leak, we can stop the problem so that you can continue to live or work in a healthy environment. We fix broken water pipes, gas pipes, and much more. Our team will perform a thorough pipe leak detection and give you all the options for burst pipe repair so you can choose exactly what you need.

Emergency Service

Emergency service is something that you’ll only find at Supreme Plumbing. We offer emergency gas pipe repair for homes and businesses that have a serious gas leak. Contact us to take care of this very dangerous situation any time. We want to help you keep your family, employees, or guests safe.



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