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All over the Metro Atlanta area and surrounding counties, the Supreme Plumbing Team meets all of your plumbing needs. From kitchens and bathrooms to laundry rooms and commercial plumbing needs, our team offers reliable, professional service. We don’t send third-party subcontractors to your home or location. Our team offers expert plumbing solutions and free estimates for all plumbing problems.

Emergency Plumber Services

There’s nothing worse than a burst pipe in the middle of your family dinner, or waking up to a flooded bathroom early in the morning. Supreme Plumbing Team offers emergency plumber services that are fast, performed right the first time, and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Water Leak Repair

Water leak repair is the number one reason that most people in the Metro Atlanta area call a plumber, and we are experts when it comes to broken pipes or mysterious leaks. We’ll sort out the root of the problem. If you see leaks in the walls or ceilings, we specialize in finding the problem and getting it fixed before your structure is damaged. We also have a reputation for being the go-to experts for pinhole leak repair. We’ll inspect the problem and give you a completely free estimate on costs, so you know what to expect before we get started.

Indoor Appliance Services

Whether you need toilet installation in a newly renovated bathroom, or tankless water heater service to keep your appliance in great shape, the Supreme Plumbing Team is here to help. Having services like these performed by a professional will save you massive headaches and hundreds of dollars in the future. We’ll make sure that the job is done right the first time so that you don’t have to worry about leaks in the future.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line repair can be expensive, but it’s not something that any property owner can ignore. At Supreme Plumbing, we don’t think you should have to break the bank for something so vital to your quality of life. Contact us for a free estimate on sewer line repair services.



Toilet Replacements
Toilet Replacements
We have installed thousands of toilets and know which ones work and which do not.
Water line and complete water re-piping
Water line and complete water re-piping
We use UPONOR PEX A piping, manufacturer provides 25 year warranty on piping.
Pressure Problems & Banging Pipes
Pressure Problems & Banging Pipes
There are many manufacturers of pressure valves.
Water leaks
Water leaks
We specialize in pin holes leak repairs and locating any/all leaks you may have in walls or ceilings.
Tankless Heater Service & Installs
Tankless Heater Service & Installs
Having your unit installed properly the first time will save you massive problems later on.
Gas Piping
Gas Piping
We can add new gas lines for a new cooktops, generator and/or tankless heater

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People who want their plumbing problems fixed right the first time should call us.

No project is too big or too small & our work is always Guaranteed.

We specialize in emergency service as well as maintenance and larger projects.

When an emergency strikes you need a plumber who can get the job done quickly and within budget.

Problems People Have With Plumbers When An Emergency Strikes

….and how to overcome them.

The last thing you need in an emergency is to deal with the chronic problems that plague the plumbing industry. These problems are guaranteed to frustrate, waste valuable time and cost you 3 – 7 times more money than you should have to pay.


During even a mild emergency you can’t afford to wait 1-3 days for help, but that is exactly what most plumbers expect you to do.


70% of Plumbing Bills come in higher than the original quote after the job is done – this is simply unfair.


What’s the point of paying a plumber to fix a problem if you just have to hire another plumber to fix it right?

Experienced in Plumbing Fixing Services


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  • We have recently done major renovations on our house and as a consequence have dealt with many many trades people and companies. It is very rare that we have come across a company and employees as good as Supreme Plumbing.
    Tom Johnson
  •  We were very impressed with the prompt service and good work from Supreme Plumbing Even though our toilet cistern presented quite a challenge the work was carried out efficiently and cheerfully and no mess was left behind. We are very happy with the level of service we received. Professional, polite and reliable
    Gregory W B
  • Supreme Plumbing has completed 3 jobs this year at our address and each time we have been impressed with his professionalism, promptness, friendly attitude and the condition in which he has left the site.
    Sarah J
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